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At Fast Booth we believe in bringing your brand activation to life! Experiential marketing is the MOST fun (and a highly successful) way to engage with your event attendees. We produce track-able, measured results for your photo marketing or experience marketing campaign.


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roaming photographer

Roaming Photography

Roaming Photography is one of the best ways to engage with users. Instant uploads, social sharing, and a natural style of capture. Branded output and VERY fast throughput. Capture more with roaming photography than other types of activations.


Our branding is almost unlimited. Custom wrapped photo stations, custom backdrops, custom welcome screens, custom mini-site to match your client site, custom Facebook posts. Custom printed high quality props. Custom, custom, custom.

Experience Marketing

Custom Wrapped Photo Kiosk

brand activation

Perforated Media - Great for a Coupon


At FastBooth speed is a top priority. Our super fast processing and industry fastest print speed means 3-5 times more users through your activation than other companies. We want you to get the most data and best user experience we can provide.

Guest Experience

We create custom experiences to make your brand stand out from the crowd. We offer the most extensive selection of activation types. Boomerang GIF Booths, Flip Books,  Animations, Slow Motion Video, Light Painting, Cinemagraphs, Morphing, Roaming Photographer, , and of course, Photo Booth.

experience marketing

Custom Cinemagraphs/Animations

Morphing - Super Awesome


Our clients can reach potential customers through customized email, brand matching mini sites, texting, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We can customize the message delivered. All emails and data are retained if requested. 

Leasing/permanent installation

If you've ever thought about owning or installing a photo booth longer than 3 days, we want to hear from you! Permanent installations and/or long term activations are a great way to continually have a brand presence in high volume areas. We lease our photo stations for 2, 3, 6, 12, and 24 months.

We also lease to wedding and event venues.

permanent installation photo booth